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Marketing & Research Assistant

Commercial Real Estate Marketing & Research Assistant Bio

Michelle began her profession in Marketing & Research with Pyramid Brokerage Company in April 2010 providing marketing support and research services to over 30 commercial real estate agents.  Her primary focus is managing the marketing over 275 exclusive properties which includes creating flyers, property information packages, building featured property websites, video tours, and internet marketing.

Michelle has built a reputation as an integral asset and team member, supplying superior technology skills and research capabilities as she continually strives to expand her knowledge with a wide range of relevant real estate technologies.

Michelle has been involved with various disposition and acquisition projects that include such notable clients as Hess, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, Catholic Diocese, Saunders Management, Utica National, Eric Mower + Associates, Inficon, CNY Works, Dakin McQuay and Onondaga Commons


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