Receivership Services

Receivership Services

Commercial Property Real Estate Receivership Services Foreclosure NY

Formed to protect the value of commercial properties during the foreclosure process, Pyramid Brokerage’s experience as Receivers has helped to ensure the viability and improve the value of properties for future sale.

For over fifteen years, we have handled assets ranging from single tenant retail to multi-tenanted industrial office buildings and worked with a wide variety of lenders and special servicers throughout the state.We provide quick mobilization to secure an asset with a single point of contact and offer professional property management services throughout the foreclosure process. And Pyramid has been highly effective in leasing and disposition of REO properties.Our Receivers are qualified pursuant to Part 36 of the Chief Judge. As your appointed Receiver, our primary objective is to:

  • Secure the accounts and records to protect the integrity of the asset and income stream
  • Complete inspection of the property
  • Inform and meet tenants and vendors
  • Obtain and review records from the owner as well as establish the operation
  • Provide maintenance and accounting procedures and systems

Contact one of our offices to speak with a court-appointed Receiver.