BLOG: 10 Ways Commercial Real Estate Agents Can Maximize Downtime

Date Posted: March 30, 2020

As employees across the country adapt to new work-from-home standards, many have learned it is important to keep a routine. Along with staying aware of the latest news and taking good care of your mental health during these unprecedented times, it is suggested that a solid daily routine helps to keep you on track. We’ve compiled 10 ways commercial real estate agents can navigate this new, temporary, normal while maximizing downtime. Read on!


1. Drive your market
Maintaining proper social distancing guidelines, this could be an opportune time to drive your market. Less traffic provides agents the opportunity to cover more ground and learn more about their respective markets. From industrial to retail to office and everything in between, researching the market’s current vacancies and density is imperative for a commercial real estate agent’s business.


2. Take new, high-quality external photos on a sunny day
Blue skies and sun? Head to your listings to take a new, high-quality image! Take a much-needed trip outside for some fresh air while also updating your listing marketing potential with crisp, fresh photos.


3. Obtain your NY Remote Pilot Certificate; a requirement to take Drone photos of Commercial properties
Speaking of high-quality marketing photos, drone images and videos are an amazing marketing tool for commercial real estate agents. What better time to learn a new skill than when you have some potential downtime while working from home? Obtaining your NY Remote Pilot Certificate allows you to fly your own drone. Head HERE to learn more about this certification. Take advantage of this time to dive into a new skill like drone flying and you could become an asset for not only yourself but also for your entire office!


4. Rebuild or reorganize your CRM databases or spreadsheets
Take this opportunity to reorganize your CRM database or spreadsheet. Ensure you have the latest names, titles, and addresses – email included – for all of your contacts. From prospects to tenured clients, commercial real estate agents facing downtime can take advantage by organizing personal systems. Have you assessed upcoming lease expirations and/or discussed current market trends with your current office or medical clients? Take this time to assess the state of your current business and tackle your client communication head-on.


5.  Complete your LinkedIn profile to help expand the reach of your digital network
While working from home, many find they have more time to utilize social media. With this in mind, it could be a great time for commercial real estate agents to revamp their professional LinkedIn profiles. Starting with your name, photo, and title, ensure your LinkedIn profile provides an accurate snapshot of your professional career and experiences. What can you provide clients? How do you wish to be seen? LinkedIn is the ideal platform to create your personal brand and become a thought leader in your respective industry or focus area. From updating past jobs and current job descriptions, uploading presentations professional accolades and awards, to sharing relevant industry articles and status updates…the options to place yourself in front of potential clients are limitless. Not sure where to start? THIS article can help!


6.  Listen to CRE industry-specific podcasts
Staying productive and up-to-speed while working from home doesn’t require staring at the computer screen to the point of eyestrain. You could considerably benefit from logging off and tuning into an industry-specific podcast while taking a much-needed walk around the block. Commercial Real Estate podcasts are plentiful and cover a variety of topics from current market trends to broker tips and tricks of the trade. So get yourself back in the right headspace with a few CRE podcasts found HERE.


7.  Catch up with previous clients with phone calls
Remember that first industrial building you listed for sale? How about the small business that you helped on a lease a few years back? There’s no better time than to pick up the phone and reach out to property owners, tenants, and business owners to let them know they are on your mind during this global Coronavirus situation. As a commercial real estate agent in the local market, you have valuable insight on how landlords and tenants are handling the impact on their buildings, spaces, requirements and operation expenses. Pick up the phone and let people hear your voice of reason in these chaotic times.


8.   Finish your online courses for continuing education credit
You haven’t had more than one email come through in the last five hours. The cell phone isn’t ringing. You’ve left 25 voicemails and have taken three walks. Finally, there is time to finish your real estate continuing education course online! You chose a career as a commercial real estate agent and ongoing education is a critical investment in your business. Most states require all salespersons to renew their license by completing a certain number of course hours. Working from home during this economic slowdown is the prime opportunity to crank out hours of required courses. Seize the opportunity!


9.  Start your commercial real estate blog
Personal branding, raising awareness, climbing the SEO ranks of Google, broadening your network reach, whatever the reason is to start your business blog… you have time now. Some of the greatest blogs written were produced with only 20 minutes of undivided attention. So whether you are 25 or 75 years of age if you have the expertise to share, and you believe yourself to be a creative writer, then head over to WordPress and get started. Your next big commercial real estate prospect is out there reading other expert’s blogs right now.


10.   Search and join local community business group chats on Facebook or LinkedIn
It’s kind of difficult to meet new business prospects and network during a lockdown, don’t you think? That all depends on where you are hanging out (online). With so many professionals stuck at home, the chatter in social media business groups is blowing up. Instead of joining the already cluttered Commercial Real Estate groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, try joining and participating in consumer industry groups (technology, startups, insurance, manufacturing, etc…). You get the idea. You have a CRE listing that matches a specific type of business perfectly. Join that group. Listen, engage and begin building your very own digital network of prospects.

 Taylor Amankwaah works in Marketing Support & Research for Cushman & Wakefield Pyramid Brokerage Company based in Buffalo, NY. Taylor is a Licensed Real Estate Professional and has 10+ years’ experience in social media management.”Elease Stewart; Director of Marketing, Research, and Social Media for Cushman & Wakefield Pyramid Brokerage Company. Based in Binghamton, NY. Elease has 26 years’ experience in multi-channel marketing across diverse business services including commercial real estate and the advertising industry.
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