From Vision to Reality: How a Growing Veterinarian Found the Perfect Space with Cushman & Wakefield/ Pyramid Brokerage Company

Cushman & Wakefield | Pyramid Brokerage Company of Binghamton is pleased to announce the sale of an 8,500 SF office building at 825 Vestal Parkway, Vestal, NY. The commercial property has been sold to a growing veterinarian practice in need of a bigger space. We wish them all the best in their new location!

A Success Story

One of our commercial real estate clients, a rapidly growing veterinarian practice, came to us with a unique set of requirements for their new medical office space. They needed a location that would be easily accessible to their employees and clients, with ample parking options and plenty of natural light.

Leo Jones and Jeff Sabitus of Pyramid Brokerage Company Binghamton went above and beyond to find the perfect space for this client. “We scoured our exclusive database of commercial properties, tapped into our extensive network of commercial property owners, and arranged numerous site visits to potential locations until we found the ideal space that met the criteria of all our client’s space requirements.”

The client was thrilled with their agent’s commitment and dedication. They were impressed with our thorough knowledge of the local market, our ability to quickly identify and show them properties, and our diligence in negotiating the best deal!

Ultimately, the efforts paid off, and we secured the perfect space for this client. Thrilled with the result, the client continues relying on Pyramid’s expertise and market knowledge to help them with their commercial real estate needs.

At Pyramid Brokerage Company, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional customer service and personalized attention to ensure they find the perfect space for their unique needs. Contact one of our ten offices across upstate NY for more information.