Date Posted: May 5, 2021


Joseph T. Scuderi, Founder and Chairman of the Board (left), and Robert E. Berkey III, Chief Operating Officer (right).

Today, Pyramid Brokerage Company is aligned to do business globally and dominates the upstate New York commercial real estate market.

It is a success story that is a half-century in the making.

On the way to celebrating its 50th anniversary, Pyramid Brokerage Company has experienced considerable growth and change, beginning in 1971 when Joseph T. Scuderi founded the firm in Syracuse, New York. Initially, it was both a residential and commercial real estate services company. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Scuderi decided to close the residential offices and focus entirely on commercial real estate.

His mission was to differentiate Pyramid Brokerage Company from competitors that were both residential and commercial firms. Focusing strictly on commercial real estate allowed Pyramid Brokerage Company to become the biggest and best in the market. John Clark, first sales manager and then President, provided the leadership to help accomplish that goal.

“Our mission has always been to be the superior supplier of real estate services and information with an absolute commitment to ethics, integrity, and quality … where the client’s interest is best served,” said John Clark. “Our vision has always been to experience significant growth in market share, providing a consistent profit by being the dominant commercial real estate services firm in all target markets.”

After becoming the most dominant firm in the Syracuse market, Pyramid Brokerage Company decided to expand across Upstate New York. It has 10 offices and more than 120 real estate agents supported by an extremely effective and experienced management, marketing, research, and support team.

“We will provide superior customer service, align with effective strategic partners, capitalize on related opportunities, and leverage human and financial resources,” said Robert Berkey, Chief Operating Officer. “Our value proposition has always been “We help clients maximize the value of their real estate.

“We are also very proud of our culture that is team-based, open, collaborative, community involvement with each and every one within the organization having a sincere and genuine interest in the success of the company, and the success of each other.”

Pyramid Brokerage Company services all market segments – retail, office, industrial, investment, hospitality – as well as impaired asset services. It provides a full line of services to serve these market segments, including:

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our many, many customers and clients,” said Robert Berkey. “It’s you that are truly the reason for our success. Our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation goes to you for your patronage. We look forward to working with you and all in the future as we look forward to another 50 years of success!”

Pyramid Brokerage Company Expansion Timeline








A few other quotes from our people about the reasons for our company’s success:

“Pyramid Brokerage offers its agents the opportunity to speak with the authority of a global platform, while working in nurturing environment of small, cohesive, community-based offices.” – Maureen Wilson, VP, 34 years

“Progressive vision and leadership.” – Carmen Davoli, Associate Real Estate Broker, 47 years

“Pyramid has cultivated great leadership that in turn draws great people who come to Pyramid for a career and stay for the culture.” – Linda O’Neil, VP, 30 years

“The people, the people, the people who worked at, for, and have managed the company.” – Karen Bowman, Office Administrator, 37 years


Albany Office
(518) 489-9199
Binghamton Office
(607) 754-5990
Buffalo Office
(716) 852-7500
Corning/Elmira Office
(607) 937-9720
Hudson Valley Office
(845) 522-5900
Ithaca Office
(607) 277-2327
Rochester Office
(585) 248-9426
Syracuse Office
(315) 445-1030
Utica Office
(315) 736-0856
Watertown Office
(315) 779-1196

Media Contact:
Robert E. Berkey, III
Chief Operating Officer
(315) 445-8521

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